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The provider block is designed to configure the cloud provider for deploying the stack configuration. To facilitate user convenience in cross-cloud deployment, the provider logic has been distinctly separated from the deployment logic. This approach ensures that a user can deploy the same stack on a different cloud provider by simply modifying the provider section.


A sample AWS provider config looks as follows:

Sample Provider Configuration for AWS
  name: aws
  account_id: "793009824629"
  region: "eu-central-1"
The following is the description of fields in provider:

  • name: name of the cloud provider
  • account_id: this refers to the account id of your AWS account
  • region: The region of deployment for AWS


All above fields of the cloud provider are mandatory and cannot be left blank.


Currently only AWS is the supported provider. provider sections for different clouds would be updated as soon as there's a new provider available.